Essentials when Traveling with Your Dog

Do you ever wonder what you should pack when traveling with your dog? At Alaska Dog Works we have pulled together the ultimate dog travel accessory list. Here you go, now you and your pup will not leave home being unprepared.

What to Pack When Traveling with Your Dog

Back-Up Leashes and Collars – collars and leashes can break or become lost while traveling. If your pup’s collar breaks at 3a.m. on Christmas Eve and you’re in the middle of nowhere, do you want to waste one second looking for a store that would, by some miracle, be open and selling collars?

Don’t risk your pup’s safety. Pack back-ups.

Food – Bring a few meals worth. The longer the trip, the more food you should bring. If you are traveling by plane, especially if you’re going overseas, having a few days worth of meals can help your dog transition to food in the new area. At the very least, will keep you well stocked in case of flight delays.

Collapsible Water Bowl – These can be a life saver. They’re easy to carry and can quickly provide your dog with a water bowl while on the road.

Water – a bottle or two is a must if traveling by car. When flying, you won’t be able to take water through security, but you can purchase it once you and your pup are through. Remember that plane travel can be dehydrating, so make sure your dog gets in a good, long drink post-flight.

Treats and Toys – These can help relax your dog when traveling, and help relieve boredom while in the crate. If traveling overseas, check that your dog’s treats are ok to go through customs (some countries do not allow meat products in, even if they are in dog treats or food)

First Aid Kit – A must-have for travel emergencies.

Zip Lock Bags, Paper Towels, Waste Bags – These are invaluable when traveling.

Info and Documents – Print out hotel and air-line pet polices. Bring your dog’s documentation with you (pet passports, vet records, ID cards and tags, etc.) Pictures of your dog, even on your phone, can help find them quickly if they get lost during travel.

Also keep a list of emergency vets, dog parks, bathroom-areas, and emergency services with you at all times.

Travel Crate and Pee Pads – Get the best, most secure crate you can afford. Your dog may be anxious or stressed during travel and attempt to escape. A quality crate will prevent this.

Pee pads are a great idea because your dog’s system may be thrown off by new time-zones, the stress of travel, or new food.

Traveling Alone?

If you have to travel without your dog, make sure they’re given the absolute best care while you’re gone.

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