dognap pass your dog off as a service dog

Don’t Pass Your Dog Off as a Service Dog

Dogs are amazing creatures — they can be lovable companions, robust playmates and help those with mental and physical challenges lead more fulfilling lives.

But service dogs and “civilians” are not to be confused — especially by duplicitous owners.

Interestingly, in Boston, Rep. Kimberly Ferguson filed a bill making it a civil infraction to knowingly misrepresent a dog as a service dog or service-dog-in-training “for the purpose of obtaining any rights or privileges afforded to a person with a disability requiring the assistance of a service dog.”

Rep. Sarah Peake, a supporter of Ferguson’s bill, told last week’s Judiciary Committee hearing  that she ran a bed-and-breakfast for 23 years and encountered a number of guests who would claim their dog was a service animal after being informed that the inn was pet-free.

Don't Pass Your Dog off as a Service Dog