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Doggierobics Anyone?

Have the effects of the economy affected your decisions regarding your pets?  Did you decide not to train the puppy or rescued dog you have because you feel you can’t afford it. Cut back on your pets care because you’ve lost your job, or even given that dog away or worse abandoned them because your home was foreclosed on.

In today’s economy understandably pets become disposable.  This is a sad but true reality in our society.  Pets enrich our lives in so many ways and our society has included dogs alone as our number one companions for thousands of years.

Too often in my line of work I see great dogs that have been taken to shelters and luckily get adopted by a person willing to invest in good veterinarian care, socialization, and training for their new dog.  The dogs I see most are between the ages of 6 months and 2 years of age.  The simple and most common reason is that the dog became more of a hassle than the people bargained for.  That Christmas puppy is no longer cute and cuddly, he’s now untrained and still not house trained.

The cost to society outweighs the cost to individuals who decide that getting a pet also means paying for veterinarian care, socialization, and training.  When you take your dog to a shelter and you are no longer responsible for their care it becomes society’s burden.

Training your dog is and can be affordable.  Getting out and doing things with your dog helps you get exercise too.  If you are experiencing economic problems try cutting back on that fitness club membership and trading in the treadmill for the sidewalk or the open space trail just behind your house.  Grab your dog and get going on a brisk walk.  Eventually you and your dog could be jogging and benefiting from the fresh air and tranquil scenery.

Of course, I am writing this article while it’s snowing in Denver.  So how do I apply exercising and training my dog during inclement weather?  At Denver Dog Works I offer a lifetime group class on Saturdays.  This class gives my clients the opportunity to exercise and train their dogs at least once a week.  This is better than no training and no exercise.  The group class incorporates socialization as well.

Other training centers offer group classes in a variety of training goals.  Talk with your trainer and see if they can design specific training group classes to address your needs and your dogs’ needs.  In other words, you could potentially do aerobics with your dog! In fact, become a fan of Denver Dog Works on facebook and be on the lookout for upcoming special group classes like doggierobics.

Many trainers do not take payment plans for their services but several will and several trainers have affordable training options for all income levels.  One of the best classes you can take and invest in for your dog is Canine Good Citizen developed and sponsored by the American Kennel Club.  I offer these classes at Denver Dog Works for puppies as well as dogs 6 months and older.

The bottom line is your pet will be an asset to you and your family. By providing emotional support and exercise for you.  Do not give up on your pet, adjust your way of thinking and breathe some fresh air with Fido and take in a new prospective.