Dog Works Training Company In-house Financing Application

Our in-house financing program through Dog Works Training Company has many advantages.

  1. We do not require a formal credit check but we do require a screenshot of yours utilizing Credit Karma ( within the last 30 days. You can register for a free account by visiting the link.
  2. We allow you to pay for your service dog training program over time. We do require a down payment and the ability to set up a recurring payment plan for the monthly payment.
  3. Our payment options extend up to seven years. This is plenty of time to make a monthly payment that is within your budget.
  4. We require a down payment of 20%.
  5. We do report payments to a national credit reporting bureau.
  6. You must have an ability to pay.
  7. Decisions are not based solely on credit. We will look into other factors that many banks and other lenders will not. This gives us greater ability to approve financing for your service dog training.


While we can not guarantee that you will be approved for our in-house financing program, we will do our best to work with your situation. We are not a bank or a credit union. We offer fianinaicing to our clients because we have found over the years that many people would benefit from such a program. This also means that we have higher interest rates than typical lenders and we encourage you to explore other opportunities such as: crowdfunding, employer programs, scholarships, etc. before apply through our program.

By filling out this application does not automatically qualify you for a loan to pay for your service dog training.