Equipment for Dog Works Radio

Dog Works Radio Equipment

Equipment for Dog Works Radio

People ask us all the time what gear we use to record our podcast. Over the past ten years or so we have tried our best to evolve with technology. We have found some of our best gear may not be the most expensive but it just works for what we are trying to do. We have included links for almost all of the equipment so that you can buy it yourself. If you buy from this page we get a little bit back that we use to support our podcast.

In the home studio

Computers:We use two Mac’s to run the studio. The main machine is a Mac Mini. It has 32 MB of RAM and we have connected a 1TB external hard drive to save all of our show files. We also have a large 32 inch Sharp TV/monitor so that we can really zoom in to see the recorded files during editing. We also use a Macbook Pro with 32 MB of RAM and a 500 MB SSD drive that we recently installed.

Software:We use Hindenburg Journalist Pro as our recording software along with Skype to record calls with our guests.

Mixing Board: We found a mixing board that we love at Podcast Movement a couple years ago. It is a PreSonus Studio Live AR8 UBB. It has enough inputs and outputs for everything we need as well as a SD card port so we can record a backup of the show.

Microphones:We use two Shure SM7B’s. They are the best and we have been using them for years after we were turned on to them by our friends and partners at Radio Free Palmer.

Booms:We use booms by Rhode that are fastened directly to our workstation. They all us plenty of mobility when we are working around our desk.

Headphones:I use an older set of Bose over the ear headphones. Michele likes her Samson SR950s.

Monitors:We use a small set of 3.5 inch monitors so that we can edit without headphones.

We also use XLR cables, a headphone splitter

On the road:We use our Macbook Pro with either a USB headset and mic and use the same software to record and edit that we use at our home studio.

At live events:In the coming months we will be investing in a Zoom H6  and two broadcast quality headsets. This upgrade should really up our game when we are recording at events like Podcast Movement and our live feed for Coaster Geeks during this summer’s rock n roller coaster tour. We even made a cool mic flag with our logo.

Video:A couple years ago at Podcast Movement we found a really cool piece of tech that has checked off all the boxes in terms of video production. It is the Padcaster  for the new iPad Pro 9.7”. In the kit it comes with everything you need including a lapel microphone, a handheld microphone, a shotgun mic, a tripod, and more. Make sure you have at least one Apple Lightning Adaptor too.

Other software and/or applications that we use almost daily are Hootsuite, Canva, Headliner, occasionally Blogtalk Radio if we are having issues connecting with our guest over Skype, GoToMeeting and Zoom occasionally.

If you have any questions or would like help in starting a podcast for you or your business. Please contact us any time.