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Video Transcript

Dog Training Exercises are for LIFE!
No matter what breed of dog you have dog training exercises their mind, body and spirit and keeps that important bond tight. The more often you exercise with your dog the better that relationship becomes.
Let me explain, maybe your dog knows its name, sit, and walks sometimes okay on the leash, but goes nuts when he sees people and other dogs. Gets so dang excited that it can no longer hear you let alone understand what language you’re screaming at it to stop!
Now just think about how much better behaved and under control that situation could be with a better developed relationship with your dog by learning how to better train them.
Sure you can teach your dog the basics – name, sit, come, walk on a loose leash and maybe stay for a minute. But a whole new world could open up for you if you taught your dog how to stay until released even with distractions like a rolling ball, kids running by, some dude on a bike and his dog going by or Grandma coming over for Thanksgiving.
You love going hiking and that’s the whole reason you have this dog, to be your hiking buddy, but every time you take him he takes off into the wild unknown wreaking havoc over the landscape, rushing up to other people and their dogs and has even brought wildlife in your direction…doesn’t it make sense to have the ability to control this K9 Buddy BEAST from step one? Control getting out of the car, by your side up to the trail head and for the first 100 yards or so before getting to explore? Having a command to return to your side and one to remain on the trail off of the vegetation?
Does this sound like a dream?  Well its not, this is what other dog owners that you envy have done, they develop a training routine with their dogs and exercise them every single day to strengthen that bond and better the relationship.
A well-behaved dog is a pleasure to be around. Friends and family will enjoy visiting you even more because your K9 buddy understands boundaries.
Are you ready to develop a better relationship with your dog?