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Video Transcript

Critical thinking skills for you and your K9 Buddy.
Critical thinking allows for an analysis of evidence and observations to take place in order to form a judgment or outcome. In relation to dogs, by allowing them time to think about what you’ve asked them helps them develop critical thinking skills.
Critical thinking is self-directed and self-disciplined. You ask your dog “can you sit.” You say this over and over and over again as your dog just stands there, until you say Max sit. Why does Max sit on this final attempt before you touch him. Because you said it in a way that he recognized because when he was a puppy learning these words for the first time, you didn’t ask him politely with extra words, you said his name and the command.
Another example of critical thinking is the same scenario except you say can you sit three times and then you shove his butt to the ground and then you tell him good sit!  You just taught him that its good and you like it when you have to physically force him to sit.
Are you ready to learn how to teach your dog to critically think and use those skills to ease your communication. Developing these skills isn’t difficult, but having a good coach, a professional trainer by your side observing these behaviors will assist you in developing your critical thinking skills too.
Are you ready to get started?