Choosing the Right Path: Private Lessons vs. Board and Train for Dog Training Success

Private lessons and board-and-train programs are two popular options for dog training, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

Here is a comparison between the two.

 Private Lessons

1. Customized Training:

Private lessons allow for a more personalized approach to training as the trainer can tailor the sessions to address specific behavior issues or goals you have for your dog.

2. Owner Involvement:

Private lessons involve the owner directly in the training process, which can help strengthen the bond between the owner and the dog and improve communication.

3. Convenience:

Private lessons can be scheduled conveniently for you and your trainer, allowing for flexibility in training sessions.

4. Cost:

Private lessons can be more cost-effective than board-and-train programs since you pay for individual sessions rather than a comprehensive training package.

Board and Train

1. Intensive Training:

Board-and-train programs offer intensive training for your dog as they typically involve the dog staying with the trainer for a set period, receiving multiple training sessions daily.

2. Professional Handling:

Your dog will be trained by a professional trainer with experience working with various behavior issues and training goals.

3. Faster Results:

Board-and-train programs can often produce faster results than private lessons since the dog receives consistent training throughout the day.

4. Limited Owner Involvement:

While board-and-train programs can be effective, some owners may feel a lack of involvement in the training process, making it challenging to maintain the training once the dog returns home.

5. Cost:

Board-and-train programs can be more expensive than private lessons due to the comprehensive nature of the training and the costs associated with boarding the dog.

Ultimately, the choice between private lessons and board-and-train programs will depend on your dog’s needs, training goals, schedule, and budget. Some owners may benefit from a combination of both approaches to maximize the effectiveness of their dog’s training.


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