Peak Performance Camp Program At Alaska Dog Works

Peak Performance Camp Program

We specialize in assisting our military families and their dog training needs. Please contact us for details about our proven Peak Performance Camp Program!

Please note we only accept five (5) dogs at a time in our peak performance camp program (along with our service dogs in training at camp) and spots fill up very quickly. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs but we encourage you to sign up for a camp spot as soon as possible.

What is Board and Train/Camp Works?

Giving Your Dog a Positive Outlook on Obedience

In our Peak Performance Camp Works program (often called Board and Train or In-Kennel training), your dog will learn to sit, down, heel, and come on command. These obedience commands set the foundation for the components of our program: physical conditioning, confidence building, and off-site training.

Our Peak Performance Camp Works participants have every opportunity to run and grow. We create an environment based on values and proper manners and reinforce inherent strengths. During all of our Board and Train programs, participants are taken on nature walks on our trails, work with us with other dogs that come up to our place for privat lessons, socialize and play appropriately with other dogs in camp and learn in a family environment.

Our moto is: We have the best and train the rest! We stand behind this. You will not find a trainer in Alaska that has the knowledge or experience in training your family pet to meet individual goals. We do not offer “cookie cutter” training programs, nor do we use the same approach with every dog. Dogs, like people learn in different ways. Dogs learn through “drives”. These instinctual behaviors are unique to each breed. At Alaska Dog Works we have trained thousands of dogs over the years and we feel confident that our training will give your dog the best chance of success.

At Alaska Dog Works your dog becomes a member of our family during his stay. He stays in our home and is socialized with our house dogs and everyone here takes part in the daily routine of your dog’s training. This is also unique to many training facilities where your dog will stay in a crate or a fenced in kennel. We call it our Peak Performance Camp Program.

What to Expect During a Board and Train


Meet and greet people of all ages without jumping, lunging, barking, or whining for attention. Also as a part of learning manners your dog will learn to wait at thresholds until given a release command to follow.

Confidence Building:

Dogs learn to work through various conditions that build confidence. Physical touch, games, loading/unloading from vehicles, up and down stairs. Dogs learn to be environmentally stable, to deal with adversity and are exposed to the public in a positive fear-free way.

Physical Conditioning:

Daily cardio and strength training.

Behavior Modification:

Custom tailored drills designed to modify a dog’s aggressive or unwanted behavior (separation anxiety, barking, etc.)

Obedience Imprinting:

Practical and necessary obedience commands for daily living.

Upon completion of the Peak Performance Camp program there are also two follow up classes. If you’d like the opportunity to learn to handle your dog more effectively check out our Handlers Course.

A Family Environment:

During your dog’s stay at Camp they become part of the family. They are trained every day and take part in daily sessions inside and outside. They go on nature walks on our trail system and play with other campers too!

Peak Performance Camp

Our most popular and recommended program!

Pricing Starting at $900 a week

Three (3) lessons before Camp, Two (2) weeks at Camp, Two (2) follow up lessons–including the send home, Lifetime support over email, text, Skype/Facetime, phone, access to our drop group classes. 

This program utilizes everything that works in a dog training program. You work with us and we coach you along the way to set up an excellent foundation before your dog comes to stay with us at camp. While at camp we continue on that foundation and super size it along with daily socialization with other campers, physical conditioning, field trips, and manners.

When your dog is returned to you from his/her stay at camp we build on everything the dog has already learned and continue to work with you.

There is no other program like this in the country. It works!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s jump on the phone and get to work.