Bringing Home a New Dog

Bringing Home a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet can be as exciting as having a new child. Unfortunately, the family pet can also have sibling rivalry!  A little advance preparation and planning will introduce your new pet to the existing pets and minimize conflict.  No doubt the resistance some dogs and cats have is higher than in others, and enough time needs to be given for them to adapt to the new face.

Puppies may be introduced in a similar manner, but with the use of a training crate rather than a room. In addition to aiding with housebreaking, the crate provides a place for “time out” for a puppy to rest.

Older dogs will tolerate the antics of a youngest quite well until the pup annoys them to distraction and the older pet either escapes to its own corner, or gives the puppy a correction. This may mean a growl or physically grabbing the scruff of the puppy (something the mothers do as well to teach what is acceptable behavior).

Buy the new puppy its own bowls, leash and new toys. Some dogs may readily share toys with the new “kid”, but others may feel threatened and become territorial.

Remember to keep spending quality time with the other dog, doing some of the things he or she loves to do while puppy is crated. Within a week or two, the pets should be integrated and socialized together so it is safe to leave them alone unattended.