Best dog collar

Best Collar for Dogs

A dog collar is the fastest and easiest way to identify a dog, and that can be super important in the unfortunate even that your dog should run away or be lost. Collars help others identify and recognize your dog in emergency situations and are even used in various aspects of training. Yes, micro-chipping is invaluable, but a dog wearing a collar with correct ID tags has a much higher chance of being returned to its parent more quickly.

There are lots of different collars on the market, just as there are lots of different breeds, sizes and shapes of dogs. When looking for the best dog collars, you’ll want to look at your dog’s lifestyle and activity needs, as well as breed and size for perfect fitting.

PetSafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

This is hands-down one of our favorite general use dog collars. Unfortunately, in play or even in accidental situations, collars can become tangled and that can hurt your dog. The PetSafe KeepSafe Break-Away collar is trainer and vet recommended to prevent accidents where your dog’s collar will get caught and put him in danger. It has a patented break-away buckle that separates easily when the nylon collar gets snagged. The buckle can easily be reattached and used over and over again. This life-saving collar is made of a sturdy nylon that is washable and comfortable and comes in several different sizes and shapes. Reasonably priced as well, it’s a great every day collar.

West Paw Strolls Collar

The West Paw Strolls Collar is another great choice for everyday use. It’s made from eco-friendly hemp, which is naturally anti-microbial and odor-resistant. It has an ID loop for your dog’s tags, and because West Paw knows some dogs like to pull a little (or a lot!) on walks, the quick connect loop is in just the right spot. The hemp gets softer with each wash and is another great general use collar.

EzyDog Checkmate Collar

Many dog parents use Martingale collars for training and love EzyDog’s Checkmate collar. It’s designed to fit well enough for training and walking, but humanely loos enough to prevent accidents or damage from pulling. It’s particularly useful for dogs who are brachycephalic. It has reflective stitching sewn into the durable nylon for low-light visibility and safety.

Blueberry Personalized Collars

Very solid training and anti-pull collars, these Martingale collars from Blueberry come in an assortment of colors for you to choose. We like that they are personalized so you don’t need to have ID tags that can unfortunately fall off and get lost and they’re a durable nylon. Very reasonably priced as well.

Lucky Love Dog Collars

Lucky Love Dog Collars were created by two women who’d been saving Texas dogs from death row for years. These gorgeous collars come with a matching leash in a reusable linen bag and each carries a Happy Tails story of a rescued dog. Portions of each sale go to save more dogs and they even partnered with an organization that employs disabled adults to help with the packaging needs. Man and his best friend working together for man and his best friend at its finest.

Pawsitive Pets Hemp Collar

Pawsitive Pets collars are made from eco-friendly hemp and lined with a soft, organic lining. For every collar that is sold, Pawsitive Pets turns around and donates a collar to shelter dogs in need in local communities. The collar is machine washable and will get softer with every wash.

Link AKC GPS Smart Collar

If you’re going to be out and about, the Link AKC GPS Smart Collar is a great leather collar to go with. It is great for positive reinforcement training as it has a remotely activated sound function that you can use with your dog. It also has an LED light that’s remotely activated for those low-light situations you may get into and for a small fee each month, you can access your dog’s GPS location, health and wellness from any mobile device. It’s well-crafted and comfortable too.

Soft Touch Luxury Leather Padded Collar

Dog parents love this leather collar created by dog lovers. It’s a genuine leather collar that comes in some fashionable color options and it’s softly padded for comfort around your dog’s neck. The ID ring is separate from the D-ring connection so they won’t jangle and tangle, and it’s a durable collar that is handcrafted with love and companionship in mind.

Black Rhino Comfort Collar

Made from tough but comfortably padded tactical material (neoprene), the Black Rhino Comfort Collar comes in several different colors of mighty strength. It withstands all outdoor conditions because it’s waterproof and odor/stain repellant and the ring hardware is stainless and built to last. The collar also has reflective stitches to make it easier to spot your dog in low-light situations.


Not just for Pitties or Bulldogs, Bully’s durable collars are also made from a lightweight tactical grade material and built to be a heavy-duty collar. They’re perfect for training as they’re light but tough and the stainless steel hardware won’t rust or tarnish. They’re machine washable and will take a beating.

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