Alaska Dog Works

Benefits of Hiring a Dog Trainer

When people think about Alaska Dog Works, one thing they seek is professional dog training. We provide many classes and events, were you can bring your dog and receive professional dog training. Here we wanted to lay out the five main benefits to hiring a professional dog trainer.

Proper training can actually save your dog’s life.

The ability to come to you when called, especially in public or outdoors, can save them from coming lost, stole, hit by a car, or being injured by another dog.

Sitting, staying, and remaining calm can also help in both public and in case of emergency.

A professional trainer can help instill these basics in your dog quickly, then will instruct you on how to continue so that you keep your dog safe forever.

Bringing your dog to professional training classes not only helps them learn commands, but it provides an excellent opportunity for socialization. Puppies learn to greet and play with other dogs in a respectful, non-aggressive way.

Rescue dogs, adults, and senior pups can also benefit from socialization because they can make new friends and learn to be friendly to other dogs in social situations. Because professional trainers can recognize trouble quickly, they can make corrections that will have a lasting impact on your dog.

Bring Your Dog Everywhere
With more and more pet friendly businesses popping up around the US, there has never been a more welcoming time for dog owners to bring their pups in public.

Restaurants, stores, dog parks, outdoor events, public beaches, and cafes around Alaska are opening their doors to pet lovers.

But, the one thing that can get you and your dog banned is bad behavior.

• Jumping
• Excessive barking or whining
• Destructive behavior
• Being aggressive toward other pets, or people

Avoid these behaviors and gain the ability to bring your dog with you wherever you go.


Makes Your Dog Happy
For those that think that untrained dogs are happier because they don’t have any rules, the research shows otherwise.

A trained dog is a happy dog. Dogs, like most animals, actually like a well-ordered place to live. If they know you’re in command, it takes a lot of pressure off of them to be the pack leader.
Plus, when they are well behaved they get cool rewards like treats, hugs, and belly rubs.

Training Enhances Your Bond
Training alongside of a dog trainer actually helps forge a deeper bond with your dog. Don’t think that being the leader makes you the bad guy. Dogs are not humans; they’re not trained to resent the boss. The opposite is true.

Remember, a trainer will be helping you train your dog long-term. You have to continue to reinforce what they’ve already taught. This puts you in a leadership position and lets your dog be a dog.

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