Alaska Puppy Training

Alaska’s Most Advanced Puppy Training

If you have a puppy that is five months or younger you are in the right place.

Our puppy training is the most advanced in Alaska. Sometimes it is easier to explain what puppy training isn’t in order to explain what it is:

Puppy training IS NOT:

  • No more cheap group classes designed to get your puppy to sit for a treat (you can do that on your own).
  • Nothing is BASIC.
  • Not designed to just teach your puppy a few things and hope your puppy does well upon entering adulthood.

Our puppy training is designed to make your dog one of the best! Our training philosophy is based on our background in training working dogs, and service dogs in particular. As you may know, service dogs have to be the best! Someone’s life may depend on it.

Imagine if we could build a foundation for your puppy that is based on science and motivation, not just the latest training fad or equipment.

We are always looking to better serve our clients, and to better fill their needs of their puppies.

Alaska Puppy Training

With all that in mind…

Most puppy training in Alaska is failing both owners and their puppies. 

Most puppy training in Alaska is a few weeks long, costs a couple hundred bucks and gets you the very basics.

Nobody wants basic, do they? They want much more and your puppy is capable of doing great things!

Dog owners want a dog dog that listens when they go to the park, hiking, camping at the lake.

Dog owners want a dog who is perfectly well behaved when guests come over for dinner.

Dog owners want a dog who walks great on leash, doesn’t potty in the house, doesn’t chew and doesn’t bark or whine.

Every dog owner wants a REALLY well trained dog!

All of this simply isn’t possible with a basic course that costs a couple hundred bucks.

Does this sound like the dog you are looking for?

Let us start your puppy with a foundation to become one of the best!

You may be asking, what will be required from you?


A willingness to work

A readiness to invest the time to work with your dog

What will you get after you have worked with Alaska Dog Works? 

A dog that will listen to you.

A dog who is happily obedient

NONE of this can be accomplished in a basic puppy training class.

Our program is extensive. It is not cheap. It is not for people out there that are looking for just the basics.

It is ONLY for people who want the best from their dog.

Alaska’s Most Advanced Puppy Training¬†


Let’s get started!