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8 Doggone Good Movies About Dogs

These films about Fido will have you laughing, crying or both.

There’s nothing quite like the love of a dog. They’re loyal, playful and affectionate — and once bonded with a human companion, they form a connection that’s hard to break. Seeing that relationship play out on screen can be both entertaining and emotional. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly comedy, an animated retelling of a classic novel, or just seeing some very good pups interact with their human co-stars, there’s a movie for you.

Here, we highlight nine movies about dogs you can sit, stay and watch right now. Canine viewing companions are optional, but encouraged.

Dog Gone

How far would you go to find your lost dog? That’s the scary scenario college senior Fielding Marshall (Johnny Berchtold) faces when his adorable golden retriever mix, Gonker, goes missing along the Appalachian Trail. In this case, Fielding teams up with his dad (played by Rob Lowe) to find the pup — which they must do in a matter of days, as Gonker needs medication to survive. This feel-good film is based on a true story (which, yes, also features a good boy named Gonker), and is likely to make you hug your own pets a little tighter as you watch. 


The classic story of Benji, an orphaned puppy, gets a modern reboot in this 2018 version. Directed by Brandon Camp (whose father directed the 1974 original), Benjistars Gabriel Bateman and Darby Camp as brother and sister Carter and Frankie Hughes. The Hughes siblings become fast friends with Benji (played by a rescued shelter dog), who helps them when they fall into danger. This film is family-friendly — but beware, after watching this cute pup on screen, you may be wanting your own life-saving mutt at home!

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Rescued by Ruby

A hyperactive border collie and a state trooper who has been repeatedly rejected by the K-9 unit are a match made in dog heaven in Rescued by Ruby. Daniel O’Neil (played by Grant Gustin) must qualify for the K-9 unit before he turns 30 years old — and it doesn’t help that the department has no funding for more German shepherds. Enter the titular Ruby, who has been adopted and returned to the shelter seven times. She may not seem like a perfect fit for the job, but the two must find a way to work together so Daniel can pass the K-9 exam in time. This heartwarming film, which also stars Scott Wolf, is based on a true story.

White Fang

Jack London’s 1906 book White Fang comes to life in this computer-animated film with a star-studded cast. Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones and Paul Giamatti lend their voices to characters from the classic novel. It’s the story you know: A young wolf pup is separated from his mother only to be taken in by a Native American tribe in Alaska. There, he is named White Fang and learns to pull sleds — but ultimately he is passed around from owner to owner before finding a true bond. Directed by Alexandre Espigares, White Fangpremiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018.


The love of a pet can make a person feel like home — more than any actual home. That’s how the main character, Héctor (played by Biel Montoro) feels in Seventeen. This Spanish comedy-drama, directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, premiered at San Sebastián International Film Festival in 2019. After meeting and bonding with a dog named Oveja at an animal rescue center, Héctor runs away from his youth retention center to find his new friend. His brother, Ismael (Nacho Sánchez), goes along to help search, and to make sure the duo doesn’t end up in trouble.

June & Kopi

This 2021 Indonesian comedy is one for the whole family, but be warned that it has a bit of a tear-jerker ending. The premise is fairly straightforward: A graphic designer named Aya saves a stray dog from being chased by a group of kids. She names it June and brings her home to meet her husband, Ale, and pit bull Kopi. The two dogs become fast friends, but June becomes an even more important member of the family when Aya gives birth to a girl named Karin. June immediately becomes the baby’s protector and eventually the star of Aya’s graphic novel, June & Kopi. As Karin grows, it only shows the lengths June will go to to protect her human. But, like we said, you may want to have the tissues handy.

Dog Gone Trouble

This computer-animated comedy shows what it’s like going from a pampered pup life to the streets. Trouble (voiced by Sean “Big Sean” Anderson) is a spoiled dog with all he could need — until his elderly owner dies and her niece and nephew discard him along with everything else in the house they consider worthless. That is, until they find out they only get their aunt’s money if they bond with Trouble in three days. What ensues is a hunt for the humans and a big lesson for Trouble. He must learn how to survive without his butler and famed animal trainer Cesar Millan (yes, voicing himself!). Pamela Adlon and Lucy Hale also lend their voices to the film, as did legendary animal advocate Betty White — Dog Gone Trouble ended up being White’s last film before her death at age 99.

Pets United

What do you get when you throw together a stray dog and a spoiled pet cat? A wild comedy adventure called Pets United. The computer-animated film is a sequel to the 2010 film Animals United, but this one puts the focus solely on house pets. Roger (voiced by Patrick Roche) and Belle (Natalie Dormer) have to band together in order to save their home city from robots. Trust us: Your kids will love it.

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