halloween safety tips for dogs

6 Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

6 Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Some dogs may feel so threatened that they react with panic, and hide or run away. But no need to worry! These 6 Halloween safety tips for dogs are just what you need to prepare your dog for a relaxed and safe Halloween!  

Pro tip: Before Halloween or another similar event which may frighten your dog, invest in a GPS tracker for dogs. That way, with the small device on your dog’s collar tracking their movements in real time, you won’t have to worry that your dog will get lost and can enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.

1. Before the party starts, make sure your dog has had plenty of physical activity.

The first step in preparing your dog for a relaxed Halloween evening is to exercise with him earlier that day. Be sure your K9 buddy gets plenty of healthy movement in any dog-friendly activity, such as walking, running, hiking, or playing. You can even track your dog’s physical activity with the latest dog activity monitors. Getting your furry friend tired will eventually also make him more relaxed. This way, when the trick-or-treaters visit, your dog will tend to be more laid back and less likely to jump on the new guests.

Don’t forget: Many people dress up in costumes already in the morning. So be aware of strangers in costumers also when you walk your dog before “the storm.” It would be good to keep a firm grip on the leash in case you meet people in costumes.

2. Be prepared for when people start ringing the doorbell.

Is not only that many dogs are often suspicious of new things, but they see themselves as the guardians of their homes. If strangers approach their home dogs may feel threatened.

Therefore, it’s not hard to understand that our furry friends get frightened when strangers in huge capes, princess hats, bells, flashing lights and over-sized shoes suddenly enter the door!

So how to deal with strangers ringing at the door? Here are a few tips on this topic:

  • The best you can do is to keep your dog away from the door.
  • Find a secure place in your home to keep your dog, if you’re giving out candy to trick-or-treaters.
  • Let your pup shelter in a crate and keep them occupied with some fun toys.
  • Above all, make sure your dog can’t escape out the front door when you open it.
  • Make sure that your dog is wearing an ID tag and a Tractive GPS tracker, should the worse case happen. A tracking device will help you have peace of mind.

3. Let your dog know it’s you behind the costume.

You’re wearing a costume and you dog don’t seem to recognize you? Don’t be surprised! He might even be frightened, when you suddenly change your form and figure. A helpful idea would be to allow your dog to watch you put on your costume. This way, it’s easier for him to get used to the transformation. During the evening, you should take of your mask (or parts of the costume) to show your pup that it’s still you underneath the clothes.  

And most importantly, it is not funny to scare your dog with the Halloween costume (don’t forget to tell your friends that too)!

4. Keep your dog out of the candy bowl.

Halloween candy, cupcakes, and decorations on wooden table - halloween safety tips for dogs

Yes, it looks good and no, you can’t have it! Keep your dog out of the candy bowl. Candy is pretty bad for dogs, and chocolate can be fatal, since it contains Theobromine, which can cause nerve damage and even death. Theobromine is not really dangerous for people because we would have to take an extremely high dose of chocolate before even a weak poisoning occurs. For dogs, however, it is easier to eat enough chocolate to be poisoned.

Additionally, don’t forget to throw away all candy wrappers before your four-legged friends get to them, since the wrappers can cause choking.

Explain to everyone in your home (especially children) how dangerous treats are to pets. Are you not sure whether your children or your dogs have plundered your chocolate stock? Then pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomit
  • Irritability
  • Increased heart rate
  • Muscle tremors

Important: If your dog has any of these symptoms, you can be sure that it wasn’t your children eating the chocolate. In this case, you should call a vet as soon as possible as it could be rather dangerous for your dog!

5. Reconsider the dog Halloween costume.

If you want to put a Halloween costume on your dog, first, think twice: Is this really a good idea? While it might look cute or funny, you want to make sure that your favorite buddy would accept it and also feel comfortable in it. Some dogs may not care about what you put on them, while others react very negatively to wearing a costume.

It’s always better to choose your dog’s well-being and think twice before dressing up your dog!

Good to know: Be aware that some costumes can easily obstruct your dog’s vision, breathing or movement. Avoid all such pieces of clothes! Moreover, remove any small or dangling accessories that could be chewed and swallowed!

6. Be extra careful when walking your dog on Halloween night.

The spooky night is over, what now? Here a few final Halloween safety tips:

  • When you walk your dog after Halloween, watch carefully for candy leftovers and wrappers on sidewalks and streets.
  • Don’t let your dog pick up any pieces that he can choke on.
  • Choose a route more in nature, free from Halloween leftovers.

Can I leave my dog home alone for Halloween?

In general, it is not recommended to leave any dog home alone on Halloween. This is because the combination of loud noises, the doorbell ringing, and strangers dressed up in scary costumes walking around your home may be terrifying for your furry friend. If possible, get a friend or family member to take care of your dog at home while you go out and enjoy the Halloween fun. 

Conclusion: Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

To conclude, we recommend the follow tips to keep your dog safe on Halloween:

  1. Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise on Halloween day, before the party starts.
  2. Make your dog comfortable in a safe space in the house and do not let them escape out of the front door.
  3. Ensure your dog is wearing their ID collar and GPS tracker.
  4. Distract your dog from the Halloween events with games or toys.
  5. Let your dog know it’s you behind the scary costume.
  6. Keep your dog away from the candy and treats.
  7. Forgo the cute dog Halloween costume.
  8. Make sure your dog doesn’t eat candy wrappers and be extra careful on your night walk.
  9. Avoid leaving your dog home along on Halloween night.

With these Halloween safety tips, you can make Halloween as relaxing as possible for your furry friend(s). Those cute paws and wet nose deserve our care and attention on Halloween too! How do you show love to your dog on Halloween night?

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