5 ways to celebrate easter with your dog

5 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Dog

This Easter, try these tips and fun ideas to celebrate with your furry best friend. Although there may be restrictions suggested for social functions like many of the Easter egg hunts with other humans this year, your dog is one friend who is always waiting with a wagging tail to share quality time with you over Easter and, for that matter, any day of the year! Make this joyful holiday one you will always want to remember by incorporating these ideas that add an element of surprise and entertainment to the day even when spending it at home.

Stage an Egg Hunt at Home With Treats

One of the most exciting moments of the Easter holiday for children and families is the Easter egg hunt. If an egg hunt is unavailable in your area due to the coronavirus this year, never fear! You can provide just as many picture-worthy moments at home while including the family dog as you hide treats in a basket, puzzle toy, KONG, or plastic eggs with holes punched into them to let the scent escape. Spread them over the yard or hide them indoors. Your dog will thrive on the thrill of the hunt as he receives rewarding treats and loads of attention. To add interest for the kids, let them race the dog to see who can find the eggs first. Just be sure to only use pet-safe items inside the eggs and closely monitor this game for choking hazards.

Play a Game of “Fetch the Rolling Egg”

Does your dog have some retriever behaviors? If so, place the softer velcro side around some plastic eggs. Then, roll them downhill and ask him to play a game of “Fetch the Rolling Egg!”. Also, you can use the prickly side of the velcro strips to adhere the eggs to a surface like a self-made agility course or other places where your dog can reach with a little effort yet is not breaking any behavior rules. Then, fill the egg with treats, poke a hole or two for scent purposes and start your video recording as he works with diligence to collect the eggs.

Dress in Matching Bunny Ears for Pics

Let’s face it. Bunny ears on dogs that will allow such silliness are hilarious! Take this opportunity to make the whole family giggle by adding a basket of colorful eggs and other Easter-related props around your dog for funny family photos that you can share with friends and family online. For dogs who are unsure about dressing up, you can add bunny ears to your favorite pics using apps like Instagram and Cute Rabbit Face. Don’t forget to post a few in your annual family photo book!

Take Him to Church

Many pet owners wish they could bring their dogs to church with them. Luckily, some churches have outdoor Easter services that are pet friendly and allow plenty of room for social distancing. If an outdoor service is not an option, there are many church services online and on the television to watch in joyful harmony together. 

Enjoy an Easter Brunch at Home

One thing people of all ages love about Easter is the celebratory brunch! This year, instead of going elsewhere, try hosting the brunch in your own home using your top choices of breakfast items, some colorful napkins and plates, and a glass vase filled with spring flowers and dyed eggs. You can find an endless supply of brunch ideas for dishes to make, decorating tips, and holiday crafts that can turn your home into a cozy chic brunch bistro in no time!

Have an Eggcellent Picnic

We love this idea! If you are feeling cooped up indoors, why not pack up your food, tennis ball, and plastic eggs to enjoy a picnic and egg hunt in the park? Your dog will have a blast exploring this wonderful new area, catching and retrieving his favorite tennis ball or soft frisbee, and searching for the eggs with treats inside.

Therefore, celebrating this holiday with your furry best friend is easy when you have so many creative ways to make, play, and share Easter-themed traditions together.