5 Tips for Summer Safety for Dogs

Summer is one of the times of year that allows you to get outdoors and enjoy plenty of fun and exciting activities. Dog owners frequently bring their dog’s along for the adventure. Your dog can have a great summer participating in every activity you have planned. However, you will want to keep a few summer safety dog tips in mind. The following details will help guide you to providing a safe and happy summer for your dog.

1- Provide Shade – If your dog spends most of his or her time outdoors playing in the yard shade and shelter is essential to their health. Plant a tree that will provide shade for your dog. Or, build a canopy or awning in an area of your yard. Each should provide shade for your dog to enjoy during hot summer days.

2- Plenty of Water – The hot summer days can quickly dehydrate your dog. Make sure you provide plenty of fresh water and your dog has access to it at all times throughout the day. Carrying bottled water and a portable water bowl is a great way to make sure your dog has access to water at any time during your outdoor adventures.

3- Water Safety – If you plan to take your dog swimming, paddle boarding or anywhere near water, provide him or her with a life jacket. There are special doggie life jackets in a variety of sizes that will suit your dog perfectly. You will want to make sure the jacket is secure and can’t fall off easily, but make sure it is not too tight that your dog can’t move his or her legs. You should put the life jacket on your dog whenever near a water source.

4- Skin Protection – Dogs can get skin cancer too! Protect your dog’s skin with sunscreen that is specially formulated for dogs. Apply it every four hours when spending a day outdoors. Apply the sunscreen to areas that have less hair. For example you will want to protect the tip of the ears and tummy. Some dogs enjoy lying on their backs exposing themselves to the sun. Protecting your dog with sunscreen is essential to protecting his or her skin. Cancer of the skin is the number one cancer reported in dogs.

5- Prevent Parasites – Risk of your dog getting heartworms and hookworms increase during the summer. Your dog can actually get these parasites by absorbing it through the pads of his paws. Speak to the veterinarian about preventative measures such as heartworm preventative medication. There is a large possibility your dog may already be on a heartworm prevention schedule.

Now that you are ready for summer with plenty of water for your dog, canine sunscreen, a life jacket and heartworm preventative medication, you are ready to take on the fun days of summer with your dog. Keep your dog safe at all times. Limit his or her exposure to heat and beware of signs of exhaustion. If your dog is panting and has low energy, it is time to call it a day and get him or her indoors.

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