5 things to do with your dog outside

5 Things to do Outside with Your Dog

Being a dog owner is a rewarding experience for many worldwide. You have the power to make your dog’s life as exciting and wonderful as you possibly can. Bonding with your dog is important and encourages a lifelong friendship. Many dog owners play fetch with their dog from time to time and go for a walk on a daily basis. But did you know there are a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors with your canine best friend? The following list will provide you with plenty of ideas to try the next time you are planning an outdoor adventure with your dog.

1 – Camping – Pack up the car and head to your favorite camping site. Remember to bring along plenty of dog food and fresh water as well as a comfortable bed and blankets for your dog. This bonding experience will allow you both to get fresh air and enjoy nature.

2 – Hiking – This activity allows your dog to use his or her natural instincts and it provides plenty of exercise. Not only does your dog benefit from this outdoor adventure, but so do you!

3- Boating – Enjoy a day out on the water at your favorite lake or body water with your canine best friend. Remember to bring along the life jackets, food and plenty of water. This is a great activity for dogs that are obedience trained and enjoy boat rides. You can choose a large boat, sail boat, kayak or any type that is large enough to fit you both.

4 – Swimming – Spend time at the beach or lake with your dog. Most dogs enjoy swimming and will savor every moment of playing in the water. If your dog isn’t a strong swimmer, you can purchase a doggie life jacket for added protection.

5- Paddle Boarding – This is great for dogs that love the water and are well behaved. While they can’t help you with the paddling, they are a great companion on the water. They will enjoy soaking up the sunshine and splashing around in the water as much as you do.

Spending time outdoors is beneficial for dogs and owners alike. Fresh air, Vitamin D and plenty of fun and exciting activities is all it takes. Be creative with your ideas and make sure you always provide a safe environment for your dog. Bring along plenty of fresh water, treats and food that will last throughout your outing.

Safety and the outdoors should be on every dog owners mind. There are a variety of leashes that are great for hiking and other rugged activities. When participating in water activities you will want to assure that your dog is safe by allowing him or her to wear a life vest at all times when located near or in the water. This will help if the waters get rough or if your dog gets tired of swimming. The most important thing to do is have fun and enjoy the bonding experience with your dog.

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