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16 Flower Dog Names

f you’re searching for nature-inspired names for your pet, get some inspiration from top flower dog names. While you’ve probably met a dozen dogs named Daisy and you know a few pooches named Lily or Rose, have you ever met a dog with a catchy name like Aster or Caspia? What about a pooch named Billy Buttons or Poppy? Each one has a bloom behind the name and would make a great option for your pet. We’ve handpicked the top floral-inspired names for both girl and boy dogs, so dig in to find the best flower dog name.


A flower dog name suitable for either a male or female dog, Aster comes from the Greek word for star. These flowers belong to the daisy family and are a cheery bloom that flourishes even into the fall. If your pooch is like a shining star, Aster might be the perfect flower name.


Taken from Calla Lilly, this name is a short, sweet option for your dog. Calla lilies are simple and beautiful, and this flower name for dogs is easy to remember. It’s also a great alternative to the lovely but often-used flower name of Lily.


A unique flower name for dogs, Caspia is also sometimes called Sea Lavender—though it’s not part of the same species. This flower features small blooms arranged in clusters along the length of a woody stalk. It’s often dried and used for decorative purposes. This flower name for dogs sounds both beautiful and mysterious, making it a top choice for botanically-minded pet owners.

Billy Buttons

You might not know this flower by its other name, Craspedia, but Billy Buttons are whimsical flowers that are arranged in tight balls atop long, thin stems. Typically a bright vibrant yellow, Billy Buttons are popular in flower arrangements and for decorating. We love this unique flower name and it makes a perfect fit for a male dog with a big personality. Call your dog Billy or Buttons for short—you’ve got options with this cute and quirky moniker.


This name is a mouthful, but if you choose Chrysanthemum as a flower name for your dog, you can always call her Chrissie for short. A bright, cheery flower, these blooms come in purple, green, red, orange, white, pink, and yellow. If your dog is a bright spot in your life, Chrysanthemum is a cute flower name that fits just right—except that you might need to shorten it for your dog’s collar tag.


A simple white flower with star-like petals, Myrtle also makes an elegant flower name for dogs.


Part of the sunflower family, Cosmos are easy-growing flowers that can reach tall heights—making it the perfect flower name for big dogs that are growing fast. Cosmos is a name that works for both male and female dogs, plus you can drop the ‘s’ at the end for a shortened version of the name—Cosmo.


These bright and beautiful blooms are a cheery spot in any garden and make a great flower name for your dog. Daffodil, or Daffy for short, is a sweet name for your female dog.


With layered petals and variegated colors, Dahlias are eye-catching. If your pup is equally striking, then this flower name for dogs is one to consider.


Freesia is known for its sweet fragrance. This flower name is also a perfect fit for your dog if you’re looking for a unique alternative to the usual floral-inspired names, like Daisy or Lily.


Though commonly thought of as a spice, the ginger plant features a vibrant red flower that is eye-catching. This flower name for dogs adds a little spice, and we think it’s a perfect pick if your dog has a spunky side.


Iris comes from a Greek word meaning ‘rainbow,’ which is fitting due to the wide variety of colored blooms in this flower family. This early-bloomer is a sure sign of spring and the unique shape of the flower stands out from a sea of symmetrical petals. Choose this flower name if your four-legged friend is equally unique!


These cream-colored flowers are known for their beautiful blooms and aromatic fragrance, but they tend to grow wherever they want to. If your precious pup is also a wanderer, Gardenia—or Denia for short—might be the perfect flower name.


A cute flower name for dogs, Poppy is a great choice for dogs large and small. These bright red flowers with dark centers are strikingly beautiful. The name itself is short and sweet, and easy for others to learn—including your dog!


Another suitable flower name for boy dogs, garden sage is an earthy plant with blue blossoms in the spring. This is a simple, easy-to-remember botanical name that will suit your pooch well.


A unique flower name for dogs, Zinnia has an appealing ring to it. These daisy-like flowers come in an abundance of colors and feature large blooms for a long stretch of the year. The name is catchy and unusual and will match your dog’s one-of-a-kind personality.

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