10 ways to spend valentines day with your dog

10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your Dog

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of us already know how we’re going to show our furry little friends how much we love and appreciate them. Dogs shower us with unconditional love, so it’s only fair we make Valentine’s Day all about them.

If you have a dog Valentine and you’re not sure how to spend the upcoming holiday together, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Find Delicious Valentine’s Day Dog Treats

Nothing says “I love you” like a tasty treat. Every canine loves treats, so be sure to surprise yours with something new that they will love.

You can find lots of incredible Valentine’s Day dog treats both online and in pet stores, but you can also make them yourself. Pack up on dog-friendly ingredients and bake some delicious cookies at home. Your pup is sure to get excited once they smell the alluring aroma.

Get Your Pup New Valentine’s Dog Toys

There isn’t a dog in the world that doesn’t love their chew toys. This Valentine’s Day, treat your pooch with new ones. To spice things up a bit, gift some Valentine’s dog toys with hearts and love quotes.

Be sure to wrap them and make opening them a huge deal so that your furry little friend gets very excited. Once the gifts are out, take the time to play with your dog and introduce the toy. They will love you for it even more!

Arrange a Playdate

Your pup certainly loves playing with you, but they also enjoy playing with their other friends – those of the same species, of course. A puppy play date is one of the best ways for both you and your canine to have some real fun.

Go for a Fun Walk

What better way to get some much-needed exercise than to take your dog for a walk? A trip to the park or any of your dog’s favorite spots will be a special treat that your pup will definitely appreciate.

If you walk your dog first thing in the morning, treat them to an extra outing that they won’t expect. Their happiness will light your day!

Have a Themed Photoshoot

You undoubtedly take a lot of selfies with your dog. Who doesn’t? But have you ever had a professional photo-shoot with your furry best friend?

This holiday, have a Valentine’s Day dog photo-shoot and create the most adorable photos that you will have for a lifetime. Find some fun props, dress in matching red outfits, and take the cutest pictures that will scream your love for one another.

Give Your Dog a Massage

Who doesn’t like a relaxing massage, right? Dogs are no exception. Now, you certainly pet your dog all the time, but have you ever given them a real dog massage?

There are actually some massage techniques developed specifically for canines, so do a bit of research to learn how to help your pup relax.

Plan a Spa Day

You can take the massage to a whole new level by spending an entire day at a spa. A dog-friendly spa, of course. Make your furry friend feel special by taking a trip to a specialty salon or a pet store with spa facilities. Dog spas offer a ton of fun grooming activities such as dog-friendly facials and more.

Treat Your Pooch with a Bubble Bath

If your dog can’t wait for bath time, you know what to do for Valentine’s Day. Make a bubble bath, throw in your pup’s favorite toys, and get ready for some fun splashing that will have your dog smiling all day long.

Make a Valentine’s Day Dog Goodie Box

You can buy a Valentine’s Day dog goodie box with all kinds of Valentine’s gifts for dogs, but you can also make one on your own. Simply get your pup’s favorite treats, some fun toys, new Valentine’s dog collars, and anything else that your dog will fall in love with.

Organize a Day Filled with Your Canine’s Favorite Activities

This may be the best way to spend a perfect Valentine’s Day with your dog. It can include anything and everything from this list – whatever your canine likes to do. After all, the day should be all about them, so make their wishes come true!

All of these ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your dog will strengthen the bond between the two of you and make your pooch incredibly happy. Use them as inspiration and have a very happy Valentine’s Day!