10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Your Dog

Although the traditional Mother’s Day is celebrated with our children, many people are now celebrating this special day with their dogs. Dogs are very much part of the family and are often referred to as ‘fur kids’ and ‘babies’. Just as raising children is no small task, raising a puppy also requires hard work and dedication. Owning a dog teaches us to be patient, to love and to be responsible. Therefore, our whole team here at Alaska Dog Works would like to wish all the dog moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day from the bottom of our hearts! Here are some fun things you can do to celebrate Dog Mom’s Day with your fur kid by your side. 

Go on a picnic

Pack brunch or lunch for you and some treats for your dog. Head out to a pet friendly park or beach with the food, some toys and a comfy blanket. Have fun with your dog while you enjoy the fresh air and a day out with your dog. 

Go on an adventure

Love the great outdoors? Why not find a new hiking trail to explore with your dog this Mother’s Day. An adventure is the perfect way to celebrate this special day if you love the active lifestyle. You’ll feel great after the exercise and doing it together with your dog gives you a chance to strengthen your bond. And if you come across wildflowers, why not pick a bunch? After all, it is Mother’s Day. 

Go on a pet family date

If you’re not too keen on preparing a picnic, a pet-friendly restaurant might just be the thing for you. Share a fabulous lunch or dinner with your beloved four-legged friend. Your dog will love the experience and you won’t have to worry about packing food along. Pet-friendly restaurants and cafes will love to accommodate your dog. You can also choose an establishment with outdoor seating for this purpose. 

Head to the beach

If you live near the ocean, head over to the beach for a lovely day out with your pooch. Have fun playing with your dog and when you’re tired, relax with a nice, cooling drink. Your dog will definitely have fun running, digging and swimming. If you don’t live near the beach, why not make it a Mother’s Day weekend? Book accommodation near the seaside and enjoy the sun, sand and surf with your fur kid!

Watch a movie

If you’re a pet mom who just wants to relax and unwind at home, you can watch a movie. Turn on Netflix or pop in a classic movie, make some popcorn for yourself, get some yummy, nutritious treats for your dog and curl up on the couch with your poochie. You can’t get any more comfortable than that! Staying at home to celebrate can be just as fun as going out. 

Get pampered

Make wellness and health the top priority this Mother’s Day. Being a dog mother is a lot of work so why not treat yourself and head to the spa or salon? You’re a pet mama who deserves pampering. A new hairstyle and/or a relaxing massage will make you feel like a brand new person. Have your dog do the same. Schedule an appointment at the groomers for a bath, nail trim or haircut. Once you’re both done, why not make the most out of your rejuvenated selves and hit the town together. 

Get a photo shoot

A photo shoot with your pup will be a great way to remember the occasion. You can hire a professional or simply set up your own camera on a tripod. You can also choose to do the shoot at a pet-friendly studio, outdoors at the park or even in your own home. If you’re feeling full of energy, why not mix it up on the shoot location. Capturing photos with your furry best friend is not only fun, it will give you momentos that can be treasured for years to come. 


What are you going to do with all the pictures from the photo shoot? You can choose a few to frame up and put the rest in a scrapbook! Gather up favourite photos of you and your dog and create a scrapbook filled with precious memories of time spent with each other. You will have fun putting it all together and it’s a keepsake that will definitely honour your relationship. 

Get some flowers

What’s Dog Mother’s Day without some beautiful flowers to brighten up the occasion? Just because your dog can’t buy you flowers doesn’t mean that you can’t have a nice bouquet. Head over to dog friendly farmer markets and pick out your favorite flowers. 

Get a dog t-shirt

Got your eye on a dog t-shirt? This is the perfect time to get it. Wear it for your afternoon walk with your dog. You’re a dog mom who deserves it. And while you’re at it, why not get something for your K9 Buddy too? 

For many of us, our dogs are part of the family. They enrich our lives in many ways and we can never repay them for their unconditional love and companionship. Our dogs always have our backs and are always there for us through the good times and the bad times. Knowing that they will always be there for us is a feeling that can’t be beat. So if you’re a dog mom, Happy Mother’s Day to a Pawsome Mum! You’re the best dog mama your fur kids could ever have and they love you to the moon and back.

Treat your dog to some ice cream

Do you know dogs can’t eat human ice cream because of the ingredients it contains? However, you can try out ice-cream for dogs that is lactose & gluten-free and low in sugar. These tasty snacks come in three flavours and surely make Mother’s day better!