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10 Simple Tips To Have Your Dog Follow Commands

Any and every dog needs training so as to allow him to adapt to your individual interests and style. Wouldn’t you want it to follow your command? Isn’t that what loyal dog friends are for?

Agree? Great! Alright then you have to establish word-action associations with the dog so he’d be able to understand you well.

#1 You must train the dog while he’s still a puppy.

#2 Feed your puppy at regular times every day as this makes bathroom breaks regular as well. Once done eating, take the puppy to a grassy “potty area”, and say the words “go potty” before and while he is eliminating. Don’t forget to pat him once done.

#3 Talk to your dog like you would to children when they do something wrong. Sounds odd? Well, no actually, it’s quite simple. Just say “no” when they do something wrong and show them what the correct behavior should be. Just like with children, you need to reward them once they do the right thing.

#4 Never hit a dog! Only reprimand on the onset of a wrong action and with your voice.

#5 Note that research showed that the more often a puppy (and later dog) is rewarded, the faster and more efficient the learning process becomes.

For instance, if you don’t praise the dog for lying down quietly and playing with his own toys rather than chewing up the furniture, I assure you he’ll turn violent in no time! Be warned however that scolding should be balanced out with appraise with opposite actions!

#6 Umm…What type of rewards should I give my dog? Actually, treats be their favorite food, toy or something your pup really loves to do.

#7 Play with your dog! Pups love playing. It is vital that whenever practicing any obedience training and upon finishing, you and your dog should enjoy a play time.

Play time can include running and throwing the dog’s favorite toys, go for rides, or even playing football!

#8 Groom your dog. Despite the fact that dogs tend to keep themselves clean, you still need to bathe and/or currycomb it occasionally and tidy up his coat with a soft brush.

Apart from the fact that you might actually enjoy the process, this will tend to strengthen your relationship with your dog.

#9 Trim your dog’s nails regularly, or if your dog is sensitive with regard to its paws they could get naturally worn down by hard surface.

#10 Regular visits to the veterinarian are important. Ask him to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth periodically, especially as it grows older. You may even learn how to do it yourself, but it is a little disgusting

Through practicing all these points combined, I’m sure you’ll be able to take good care of your dog and train him to be your personal friend!

There are a few other small points you’ll learn about with time.

Good luck!


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