Thursday , March 23 2017
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What are your looking for?

What are you looking to get out of your dog training experience?

Have you ever considered taking a dog training class without your dog?

Have you consulted a trainer prior to chosing a new dog/puppy?

1. obedience

2. control

3. friendship

4. respect

5. manners

6. handling skills

7. partnership with you dog

8. sport training

9. competitve training

10. therapy

11. service

12. pet safety

If you’re interested in learning more about any of the items in the list or other topics relating to dogs, you can reach me via

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Alaska Dog Works is an all breed, full service dog training company based in Willow, Alaska

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One comment

  1. Dennis I Blackburn

    I’m looking for the application for a service dog. I spoke to you guys earlier today, I’m an army combat veteran (military police), you said to take a look at your website to get the application but I’m not finding it.

    Thank you.

    Dennis Blackburn

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