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Meet the Trainers: Nicole Forto

Nicole Forto Alaska Dog WorksNicole Forto

Nicole is one of our Camp trainers along with Michele. They will be the ones you will meet and train with during your dog’s stay!

Nicole began participating in training at the age of 9 yrs. Nicole assisted with training young dogs and puppies. She has assisted in group classes as well as with camp dogs. Nicole has finished several dogs in Canine Good Citizen including her German Shepherd Qyain who she also trained in Level 2 protection. Nicole is a certified dog trainer and is also certified in Canine CPR/First Aid

Nicole attends Houston High School, in Houston, Alaska as a junior. She intends to earn a double-major in college as an Elementary Educator and Marine Biologist.

Talent: Nicole has a way with dogs – they trust her first and want to please her. Nicole successfully trained 2 Rottweiler’s weighing more than 120 lbs each for their client who could not walk them together.

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