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Lead Dog Service Dogs

Service Dogs 101: Tasking Skills

The main purpose of a service dog is to perform a task specific to the handler’s disability. Often, service dogs perform a range of behaviors that qualify as tasks, in addition to providing unconditional love and companionship to the handler. Commonly known tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting …

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Service Dogs 101: Public Access Skills

Service dogs and their handlers have a responsibility each time they go into a public place. The teams should be relaxed and present a positive image of service dogs. Assistance Dogs International has established standards for service dog behavior in the Public Access Test including, but not limited to: Controlled …

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Service Dogs 101: Cost of a Service Dog

Service dogs can be a large expense, regardless of where the dogs come from. Organization-trained service dogs can cost up to $25,000. That includes two years of training, plus the organization’s expenses for food and veterinary care. Many organizations offer financial aid for people who need, but cannot afford, a …

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Service Dogs 101: Types of Service Dogs

There are three types of service or assistance dogs. The categories are guide dog, hearing dog, and service dog. Guide dogs help blind and visually impaired individuals navigate the environment. Hearing dogs help alert deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to important sounds. Service dogs assist individuals with a disability other than …

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