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Alaska Dog Works is an all breed, full service dog training company based in Willow, Alaska

Group Classes or Board and Train for my Dog?

When many people are looking for an obedience training program in Anchorage Alaska, they always ask us, “Is it better to participate in the training with my dog, or do your three week canine camp?” I always tell people, when it comes to which dog training program is right, there …

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How to Teach your Dog How to Swim

The warm summer months and the midnight sun is almost upon us here in Alaska and there are plenty of lakes and swimming holes to cool off. Have you ever thought about how to teach your dog how to swim? Teaching your dog how to swim can be a fun, …

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Essentials when Traveling with Your Dog

Do you ever wonder what you should pack when traveling with your dog? At Alaska Dog Works we have pulled together the ultimate dog travel accessory list. Here you go, now you and your pup will not leave home being unprepared. What to Pack When Traveling with Your Dog Back-Up Leashes …

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Benefits of Hiring a Dog Trainer

When people think about Alaska Dog Works, one thing they seek is professional dog training. We provide many classes and events, were you can bring your dog and receive professional dog training. Here we wanted to lay out the five main benefits to hiring a professional dog trainer. Safety Proper training …

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Service Dogs 101: Tasking Skills

The main purpose of a service dog is to perform a task specific to the handler’s disability. Often, service dogs perform a range of behaviors that qualify as tasks, in addition to providing unconditional love and companionship to the handler. Commonly known tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting …

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Service Dogs 101: Public Access Skills

Service dogs and their handlers have a responsibility each time they go into a public place. The teams should be relaxed and present a positive image of service dogs. Assistance Dogs International has established standards for service dog behavior in the Public Access Test including, but not limited to: Controlled …

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