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Alaska Dog Works is an all breed, full service dog training company based in Willow, Alaska

Lead Dog Service Dog: Rags

Here at Alaska Dog Works we do things a little different than most service dog companies. First we do not have a waiting list where you will wait for a couple years before a dog is ready for you to work with. Second, we are not a non-profit so we …

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Disability Etiquette

Lately, we have been discussing service dogs. I thought it might be time to discuss etiquette in regards to approaching people with disabilities and their service dogs. Disability Etiquette The following recommendations detail only a few of many types of disability etiquette that should be followed. The main point is …

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Why is a Canine Good Citizen class so important?

Client: “Toby is a bad dog. He jumps on people when they greet us. He pulls on the leash and doesn’t stay or come when called. What type of training can help us?” Trainer: “Our CGC training program would do you both wonders.” Recently many of our clients have been …

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Eric and Thorr

Unfortunately, our friend Eric is going through a rough time in a Sitka hospital but his service dog Thorr is right by his side and doing some great things. Here is a a story in the local paper about him and Eric. In a Sitka hospital a dog runs and …

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Meet the Trainers: Miranda Sheely

Miranda is currently a puppy raiser in our Lead Dog Service Dog Program and is working with Dually who is being trained as a service dog for a solider in need. Miranda also attends the University of Alaska Anchorage as is studying to obtain a degree in outdoor leadership.

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One of our newest additions to our Lead Dog Service Dog Program is a Golden Retriever named Dually. He is being trained as a service dog for a solider with PTSD and is currently with a puppy raiser, Miranda. Dually is living the Alaska life right now. He goes camping …

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How to Choose a Dog Trainer

My name is Robert Forto and I am the owner and training director of  Alaska Dog Works, and my team of trainers and I have built our reputation on the fact that we know our stuff and we are able to provide you and your dog with the most complete up-to-date …

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